New Books Suggestion.

S No. Book Title Genres Author Student/class    
1 Dork Diaries Children Literature  Rachel Renee Russell. Nahin VII-F
2 A Painted House Thriller  John Grisham Hamna JasKani


3 College Weekend Speculative Fiction  R.L. Stine Zoya VI-F
4 Dairy Of Wimpy Kid Children Literature Jeff Kinney Ramsha VII-F
5 Looking for Alaska Best Novel of the Century John Green Shireen VIII-F
6 The Book Thief Best Novel of the Century Markus Zusak. Saad VIII-A
7 Too cool for School Children Literature Grace Dent Nahin VII-F
8 I Love You Romance
9 Harry Potter The Chamber of Secret Fantasy Children Fiction J.K. Rowling Khadija VII-F
10 My Little Pony Fantasy  Perdita Finn
11 Super Star Series Children Literature
12 The Kite Runner Historic Fiction  Khaled Hosseini. Daniya VIII-C
13 Saffy’s Angel Novel  Hilary McKay Marium Khan


14 The Maze Runner Young Adult Science Fiction James Dashner.
15 Hunger Games Science Fiction Best Novel Suzanne Collins Moiz Ali VII-B
16 Like the Flowing River Short Stories Fiction Paulo Chulo Hassan Mirza


17 The Vampire Diaries Horror Novel L.J. Smith Hassan Shah


18 And the Mountain Echoed Historical Fiction Khaled Hosseini Student Name/


19 Night World Horror Romance L.J.Smith Hassan Mirza


20 Horrible Henry Young Adult Fiction Francesca Simon Rayn Khan


21 Fantastic Mr. Fox Children Literature Roald Dhal Saad VI-B
22 Just As Long as we are Together Children Literature Judy Bloom Minahil Khan
23 Are You There God Its me Margaret Children Literature Judy Bloom Marium Faisal


24 Pride and Prejudice Classic Literature Fiction Jane Austen Kanza VIII-F
25 Drowning Instinct Novel  Ilsa J. Bick Sara Zulfiqar


26 Killer Romance Young Adult Jonathan Kellerman Mustafa VI-F
27 Snow White Must Die Novel Mystery  Nele Neuhaus Sara Zulfiqar


28 My Best Friend and other Enemy Humor  Catherine Wilkins Areeba Sohail


29 Percy Jackson Fantasy  Rick Riordan
30 Department 19 Horror Historical  Novel Will Hill Falih X-C
31 Itch Rocks Science Fiction Young Adult Simon Mayo Falih X-C
32 Life of Pie Best Novel of the Century  Yann Martel
33 Bring up the Bodies Hilary Mantel



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