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Book Review

Book: The kite runner

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Amna Sohaib

Grade 9-c

This book was one of the greatest books I read, because it taught me that an individual is not all good or all bad, they are a mix of both. It starts and talks about a young boy, carefree, happy and free of worry, Amir; he of course has a best friend who always has his back, Hassan. These two friends, live together in Afghanistan. All is well until an event takes place which greatly shakens the foundations of their love and it becomes apparent that these two can no longer be friends.

I found Amir a controversial character for me, because the story held many twists and turns and I hated and loved Amir as a person at every cliffhanger. The one reason I found this book so connecting was because it exposed humans as what they were; flawed. Amir himself was a flawed being with a haunted past and he did what everyone does, he tried to run away it but as always it catched up. Hassan on the other hand was the soft hearted loyal person that is so hard to find. He stood up for Amir always and till end was the character that greatly moved me.

The suspense in this book is what makes it so intriguing and addictive. The way it portrays a character, in the most realistic way, showing us how humans in the end, make mistakes, shoulder guilt, but always have the chance of redemption, which is what makes bearing the guilt easier.


Book name: A time to kill

Author name: John Grisham

Review:  This is John Grisham at his best. He approaches such a sensitive subject that hardly any other writer would dare to follow. He lays down the reality of life, of oppression in such way that whoever reads the book is afraid of putting it down until the last page has been read. Thousands of emotions are invoked at every page and at every page the reader just wants to kill the evil protagonist with their own hands

Main Characters: Carl lee Hailey, Tonya Hailey, Lucien, Jake, Harry Rex, Judge Noose, Rufus Buckley, Ozzie

Summary: Everything seems fine for the Hailey family until Tonya is abducted by Cobb and Willard, two drunk rednecks who use Tonya to satisfy their carnal desires critically injuring her. The Sheriff Ozzie captures the suspects and brings them over to court which sentences them to 10 years in jail .Carl lee the father of Hailey seems to be the normal and average father until this crime which snaps something in his mind and when the law does not execute the criminals he decides to take law into his own hands. The police arrest him to for the murder of the two rapist. His lawyer Jake under guidance with his mentor Lucien tries his best to save his client. When all hopes seem to be lost the “niggers” of ford country and many other states join hands under Reverend Agee to raise panic to intimidate the jurors into letting Carl lee to walk free. This story shows the racial discrimination the country which shouts for freedom from racism. It also shows the reader that not all times is the law just and fair to everyone.

Recommendation:  I would recommend this book to everyone above the age of 14 as I am quite ready to believe that anyone younger would have to resort to let the emotions overflow



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Book Review

Author: e.lockhart

Book: We were liars

“We were liars” is a book marked with mystery, love and family feuds. The story of Cadence, if not the most gripping, is no doubt the most fascinating. The book portrays a family (the Sinclair’s), an extremely rich family, which looks perfect from the outside until someone glances behind the glamour and sees, it’s a family stricken with greed, fake smiles, divorces and unspeakable tragedies. How much pressure there is on Sinclair grandchildren is overwhelming, pressure to obtain the ultimate prize, inheritance from their dear grandfather (who I suspect is only loved for his finances). Cadence (the eldest of the grandchildren)  has to weave through all the manipulation and greed, not to mention her migraines, to find the truth, the truth of what happened at summer fifteen, that drove her ever fighting aunties, together and her beloved cousins, away. With an unexpected ending and many twists in the middle, Cadence finds the truth although it is neither pretty nor satisfying; the truth is that tragedy struck, drove her aunties together but gave her all the pain to shoulder. Pain which is almost impossible to handle. Pain which drove the liars away (her cousins had a gang called “the liars”) and left her to live in the world, a world where she just had to live; although living was the worst punishment she could ask for.








Title: The Kabul Beauty School

Author: Deborah Rodriguez

A jaw dropping true story,alternately hilarious and moving.This book has it all you name it,humor,emotions and most of all the revival of feminism.Kabul Beauty School is an auto biography of the author Deborah Rodriguez,who goes to Afghanistan with desire to help.She is a hairdresser who looks like the odd one out in a group of doctors.As Deborah opens a school known as Kabul Beauty School.She enrolls students but they soon became her friends as the line of students and teacher is blurred. She teaches her students to become their own heroes of life by teaching them the fundamentals of coloring and styling hair.This story reveals the women behind the burqa and presents the extraordinary community of women who come together for their own greater good and to learn friendship, art and freedom.

Written by: Nimra Adnan

Class X-C

the family bk

Book name: The Family
Author: Mario Puzo
Main Characters: The pope Alexander, Cesare, Juan, Jofre, Lucrezia, Micholetto and Duarte
Review: This is a very interesting book that is related to the values of family ties and bonds. Mario Puzo excellently describes the meaning of being a family. What is family? Mario answered that question in his book the Godfather. He shows in this novel what happens if we do not as a family. In this novel this is no happy ending because a message of family morals was needed to be delivered
Summary: In this book it starts when the cardinal Alexander is a few months away from being elected and pope. He also has 4 children Cesare, Juan, Jofre, and Lucrezia so as along with custom he takes them along to his palace to learn the teaching of the church. It begins with showing that the pope’s eldest son Cesare is an ambitious and challenging boy who wants to be the best at everything. He is very strong physically and mentally. Juan his second son is a dull boy who is physically weak. Lucrezia is the smartest and kind hearted girl in all of the children Jofre is nothing special and since he is the youngest son he does not get much attention but he does not even want it. After an incident of poising that was meant for the pope but Juan is poisoned. This draws more love of the pope towards Juan. The pope doing what he believes is best makes Cesare a cardinal even though he wants to an army general. Juan turn into general even though he had no skill in fighting. The pope loves his family very much but he gets his children, except for Cesare because he is a cardinal, to other princes or princesses to acquire more land for his papal empire. Juan gets murdered which makes Cesare to turn into an army general and very good one to because he captures a lot of territories for his father. The pope uses blackmailing to convince his children to do as he says. Because of his actions the pope has a lot of enemies and when he stops valuing family moral she along with his sons get killed and only Lucrezia survives because she cares for her people like a family so they also take care of her.
Muhammad Muzammil
Class IX-G


Book name: The Last Don

Author name: Mario Puzo

Review:   This is an interesting book that is related to the crime world that still lurksin America and Sicily. It shows how people act in revenge or love. What people do for money and fame and how the mafia uses its power and control. Mario Puzo excels in describing strategical murders and putting all the valid facts together to make an amazing story line.Characters: Don Clericuzio, Giorgio, Vincent, Petie, Pippi, Cross, Dante, Losey,Athena, Claudia, Bobby, Skippy Deere and Molly Flanders

Summary: Don Clericuzio an eighty year old mafia don and also the strongest don in America tries to decide on who to make the next don and the next family hammer .His sons Giorgio ,Vincent And Petie make good candidates but his nephew Pippi is on the verge of retirement so his grandsons Cross and Dante are the only candidates. Cross gets the lead to become the hammer because of his successful operations but he gets disqualified because of his kindheartedness. Dante is very unpopular because of his bloody mouth (not a disease, a Sicilian metaphor). Dante hates Pippi and his son cross for a very specific reason. He kills Pippi as an act of revenge but he is then killed by Cross. The don angered by Cross’s actions exiles him from America.Cross’s Sister Claudia works as a movie writer who often comes to cross for help.She works very hard to become a bankable or a class writer. She desperately comes to Cross when Athena goes missing because of threats from her husband and Loddstones Movie Company sends her to bring back the actor. After Cross takes charge the husband seems to have committed suicide and left many suicide notes.Athena comes back and the movie makes a lot of money and ten percent is given to cross. After a scandal the company is taken over by a rich Italian and Claudia becomes the top movie writer. Cross and Athena then migrate to France with Athena autistic daughter.Recommendation: I would not recommend it to anyone unless they have read“the Sicilian” which takes about the laws of omerta and understands Mario Puzo’s writings

Muhammad Muzammil



Book Title: Just Listen

Author: Sarah Dessen

When life is breaking to bits and the ones who loved you turn against you, what do you do?This book is beautifully written to show the life of a girl Annabel who is going through the worst time of her life.As Annabel discovers that looks can be deceiving and that beauty and social life is not everything,its about finding yourself when the world turns against you and knowing who stands with you.Sarah Dessen has  worked with true colors and words expressing the life of Annabel.

Nimra Adnan




Source: Book Reviews

Written by: Nimra Adnan

Class: X C

If you you are looking for a novel with hope and inspiration then u have reached your destination.One hundred names by Cecelia Ahern is a story of an journalist who goes by the name Katherine Logan.Katherine had been a successful and a brilliant journalist until one unfortunate day, a scandal involving her starts the worst time of her life.

She is jobless,friendless and scared to step in her own house, as people treat her like a criminal.Her life gets more worse as her only hope, her best friend dies but she leaves a paper containing hundred names Katherine never got a chance to ask her friend about the list and Katherine starts to trusts her journalism skill after a very long break.
As life continues Katherine meets people who are heroes and simply delightful in their own ways.This story shows how people’s life are filled with uncertainties and how they could lose all they things they loved in matter of day and night. This book gives a eye opening message to have trust and hope and that sometimes your heart is changed by those people whom u would never known or whom you have never met before.
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An afghani boy haunted with a guilty past of his loyal friend . While having all the luxury Amir could have , he still couldnt help being friends with Hassan , his family servant son. A bright kite running tounament that brings catastrophe upon the kids, life then on suddenly changes. Later on Amir goes back to afghanistan to realize his mistake that he had once done when he was a mere teenager.
I really like this novel by Khaled Hosseini as he explained the true meaning of friendship and that giving up hope wont bring any hope at all.
Umul Baneen

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“THE LAST CHANCE ANGEL” is an amazing book and everyone should read it. It’s a fiction story in which a girl named Jessie had a car accident and went in coma . When she opened her eyes she found her self on the gate of heavens . It was hard for her to believe the truth that she was dead, or the angel said so. Jessie realized that she was in coma and not dead which meant that the angel was mistaken. As the angel’s job was in line he asked Jessie to ask for one thing and he would full fill her wish IF she would not tell the mistake he made to his Boss . Jessie asked to meet all her friends . And then the journey continues…
BY :
Alishba Shah VIII-B

Book name: Sword of Light

Author name:  Katherine Roberts

Main characters: Rhianna Pendragon, Prince Elphin, Mordred, Merlin, Alba, Evenstar

Review: It is a very good and mind bowling book. The way the author describes the event in a medieval manner captures the readers interest and also by describing the events as such as watching a live play or a film.

Summary: Rhianna pendragon watch’s in surprise as her life takes a very unusual turn. Her in entire life she had lived with the fairies in Avalon but when her father Arthur Pendragon is killed in battle by his own nephew and Rhianna’s cousin Mordred who tries to possess the Sword of Light Excalibur, A famed sword which is rumored to take away anyone’s soul who touches it except for the pendragon blood line. Mordred is helped by his mother Morgan la Fay, an evil witch trying to get the pendragon throne. Rhianna is sent to recover Excalibur and use it to help Sir Arthur’s faithful knights against the Saxons and the blood beards who are henchmen of Mordred. Prince Elphin is sent with his magical harp to aid in the quest. Along with Alba and Evenstar their loyal mist horses and also valiant efforts from sir Bors and his knights to help the youngsters.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those who understand medieval chivalry and are also in the old fashioned way of fighting.

Muhammad Muzammil



Book Review
Name of the book: Almost Heaven
Author: Judith Micnaught
Book Review by: Hadiqa Abdullah, XII-C
‘Almost heaven’ is an entrancing heart-melting novel by Judith Mcnaught and when I started reading it, I could not stop until the very end. It is rich in warmth and romance. It is a page-turning romance with beautifully written prose. The story starts when Ian Thornton, a notorious gambler and Elizabeth Cameron, the Countess of Havenhurst, meet at a society ball. Both are instantly attracted to each other. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the captivating Elizabeth’s reputation is in ruins for she is caught in the arms of Ian. Ian feels Elizabeth has used him while Elizabeth blames Ian for her disgrace. Elizabeth’s brother, Robert, secretly tries to avenge her disgrace by attempting to kill Ian while Elizabeth unaware, leaves London. Soon after, Ian ships Robert off from the country in revenge and Robert goes missing. Elizabeth is left alone at the hands of the creditors asking for her brothers debts.
Years after, Elizabeth’s uncle wishes to marry her off and sends letter to her previous suitors offering her hand in marriage, from only three reply in affirmative. Elizabeth manages to sway the minds of two of her suitors and discovers the third suitor is Ian who had accidentally agreed to see her. Elizabeth and Ian argue and fight but sparks fly between them. Unfortunately both of her previous suitors agree to marry her and Elizabeth has to leave Ian’s home. Ian, after Elizabeth’s departure realizes that he was the cause of her disgrace and realizes how much he loves her. Ian, who is the illegitimate son of a duke, accepts the title of a marquis and rushes off to stop Elizabeth’s marriage. Alas, he and Elizabeth are married, both hopelessly in love with each other, living a blissful life. However, Elizabeth’s brother returns and lies to Elizabeth that her husband is after his life and asks Elizabeth to run away with him. Devastated, Elizabeth forsakes her husband. Ian is heart-broken and after his wife’s disappearance is accused of murdering her and is brought to trial. When Elizabeth comes to know of the events back home, she realizes her brother had lied to her and rushes back home, just in time to save her husband from lifetime imprisonment. Ian however is anguished and enraged and refuses to acknowledge Elizabeth. Eventually, he realizes that his love for her is far deeper than any other obstacle and both reconcile promising each other to trust each other.
It is a must-read book. Whoever likes romance must definitely read it.


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